About our organisation:

Set up under the NSW Aboriginal land Rights Act 1983, Ngambri commenced operations as the Ngunnawal Local Aboriginal Land Council, recently changing our name in 2008, NLALC consists of Members, Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Financial Manager and Office Manager, as well as Site Officers and Nursery employees.

Ngambri is committed to ensuring a better future for Aboriginal people by working for the return of culturally significant and economically viable land, pursuing cultural, social and economic independence for our people.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Land acquisition either by land claim or purchase
  • Establishment of commercial enterprises and community benefit schemes to create a sustainable economic base for Aboriginal communities
  • Maintenance and enhancement of Aboriginal culture, identity and heritage (including the management of traditional sites and cultural materials within NSW).
  • Administer and acquit grants made available to Ngambri.
  • Make claims on Crown lands, on behalf of members of the NLALC.
  • hold, dispose of or otherwise deal with land vested in or acquired by NLALC as determined by members.
  • Remain compliant with the ALRA 1983 legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Implement our Community Land and Business Plan in the interests of members.
  • Provide services to local Aboriginal community

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