Ngambri LALC is one of 119 Local Aboriginal Land Councils across the state of New South Wales

Ngambri LALC consists of 7 Board members CEO Finance Manager and Site Officers, and some 165 members, NLALC is chartered with the task of land acquisition under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 to acquire Crown Land determine the best use of land acquired and under the guidance of members of the NLALC, and Community Land and Business Plan provide services and programs to the local Aboriginal community.

Ngambri LALC is obliged under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act and Regulations to ensure the organisation is compliant with this legislative requirement, ensuring our Community Land and Business Plans is implemented as well as our Local Management Support Services.

Further to develop land in the best interest of members and delivery of community services provision

Ngambri works for members and wider community to provide these services.

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